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Accident Care


Where do you go if you are discharged from hospital but know that you will not be able to cope on your own at home? With live-in or daily care you will be able to return home.

  • Care for our clients range across many injuries from sporting and car accidents involving torn ligaments and broken limbs to more severe traumas such as spinal injuries.

  • Relatives and friends may not always be available or capable of looking after you. You may not want them to take on certain tasks such as personal care.

  • You may just need help with daily tasks such as cooking, shopping or walking the dog. 

  • Our Nurses and Carers are trained to help with lifting, moving, changing dressings and more.

  • We visit our patients at home, and if necessary in hospital, to assess their needs and formulate a care programme to suit them.

  • We work with doctors and health professionals such as District Nurses or Occupational Therapists to manage rehabilitation programmes.


We will organise home visits for massage, physiotherapists, chiropodists, complementary therapists, therapeutic services and even hairdressers if required.

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