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Live-In and Daily Personal Care

We are passionate about the quality of life and dignity of our clients and the benefits of caring for individuals at home.


24 Hour Live-in Care

  • Live-in care is a specialist and affordable alternative to residential care for those who need someone to be with them day and night.

  • People benefit from one to one bespoke care at home and the peace of mind that the familiarity of their surroundings and routine bring. For example it is a key element in caring for someone with a condition such as Dementia.

  • We take great care in pairing our clients with their Nurses or Carers. Our approach is ‘Person Centred’ and holistic to make sure their needs; physical, emotional and spiritual, are accounted for.

  • Each of our carers is highly skilled, discreet, sensitive, dedicated and passionate about caring.

  • Our Nurses and Carers are used to dealing with challenging and complex conditions.

  • Carers are supported by our management team 24/7

  • Our live-in care service can cover day to day management of personal and household tasks, trips out, cooking, companionship and shared activities.



Daily Care

  • Daily care visits can range from an hour to several hours, or a number of visits during the day.

  • Tasks range from personal care and medication reminders to managing day to day chores, cooking and shopping.

  • We can be there at waking up time to assist in bathing and dressing, and in the evening to help get ready for bed.

  • We will accompany our clients to doctor or hospital appointments, a trip to the hairdressers or theatre, read the newspaper, share a comforting cup of tea with a cheerful smile and a friendly chat.

  • Daily care is not restricted to the elderly, many of our clients are independent people that have just left hospital or are recovering from illness or injury.

  • Our services can be combined to suit the individual .


Respite Care

  • If you need a break, one of our carers will accompany you on holiday. Your family will rest assured that you have the support and companionship that you need.

  • If you are caring for a relative or friend, it is important to have a break and care for yourself – to be able to care.

  • Respite care can cover a period of time if you need a break from caring to take a holiday, or a few hours to attend a meeting, take the children out for the day or allow yourself some precious ‘me’ time.

  • We understand the concern of handing over the care of a loved one. We take our responsibility extremely seriously and make every effort to ensure routines are maintained with the least amount of disruption.

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